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Type in [ beatrecords ] where it says "Type any Artist"
[ Next to Jango Logo at very top ] To go to JANGO.COM Internet Radio click here!   Songs will appear about every 4-6 songs as a BEATRECORDS artist in the mix along with well known artists like John Lee Hooker, The Stones, Clapton, Kinks.... as if on a real radio station. Maybe it is a real radio station.

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OUR SINGLES - Dropping More Soon!

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First and foremost our music is Old School Sixties sound
Some of our artists include:
William Penn And His Pals(Gregg Rolie's group that was prior to Santana/Journey/Ringo),
Alvin Draper (Lightning Hopkin's Newphew) and
The Texas Twister(Most fantastic Blues Voice).
Mike Shapiro(Producer for Beatrecords.com).
Keep on coming back because is a lot more music coming for you to check out!

Contact Beatrecords: 530 559 1355
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