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Production Services

Do you have a song that you think could be a hit or do you just want to record it and give it to friends or a loved one? You will never know if you don't try! We will Produce, Record, Create Graphics and, if the song is good enough, put you as an Artist on with a link (try clicking on one of our song's graphic and see what happens) to your very own page to handle your sales. We divorce ourselves from that traditional relationship of you and a record company that pays you royalties. Your song will be heard WORLDWIDE. Heck, you might not get rich but you will have the satisfaction of getting reports of web-hits and sales and know people are listening to your music. We will produce it, for a fee and help you set everything up so that all money earned goes directly to you by check or to your bank account. When sells a song you get an email. You can go online to check the status of all your songs anytime. We have full production and recording capabilities that come at a very affordable price. $35.00 per hour.
It's Fun!

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Phone: 530 559 1355