About is a Internet Record Company.   Mike Shapiro is owner and operator and it has been in operation since 2001.

About Mike Shapiro:  He was the lead guitarist for William Penn and his Pals.  He part of the Palo Alto scene and used to Jam with Jerry Garcia, Gregg Rolie and Mickey Hart.  He wrote the cult classic Swami and is still writing and producing.  That is what Beatrecords is about.

Here is part of an interview about William Penn verses The Grateful Dead in a Battle of the Bands in 1965 in San Carlos:

Jerry performed here in 

August 1965 Warlocks; Mike explains:

"When I was playing guitar in William Penn & His Pals in 1965-66 a battle of the bands was a frequent thing. There was a club owned by an ex-cop called the Cinnamon Tree in San Carlos that sponsored these events. The audience were aged 12 to 17 about 100 or so. They were all sucking down cokes and eating cookies. At one of these battles we went head to head with The Warlocks. You couldn’t have gotten a more odd combination of combatants. We were dressed like Paul Revere in our tri-cornered hats and The Warlocks were the most wildest assortment of characters you could find.  The Warlocks lineup was Jerry Garcia, Pig Pen, Dana Morgan Jr. on bass, Bill Kreutzman and Bob Weir. The William Penn lineup was Mike Shapiro on lead guitar, Jack Shelton on rhythm guitar, Gregg Rolie on keyboards, Steve Leidenthal on bass, Ron Cox on drums.The Warlocks played a set, William Penn played a set and the crowd judged in favor of the Warlocks. It made no sense to me at all. William Penn played radio hits and the Warlocks played blues jams and made other weird sounds. Jerry understood the English sound but didn’t copy it like we did and the audience responded."


Another interview with Mike from Lance Monthly