Mike Shapiro is an icon in the San Francisco Bay Area music scene. Starting out a a very young age his first notoriety came as lead guitarist for William Penn and His Pals (Beatrecords Artist). He penned, no pun intended, many of their songs including the cult classic Swami. The lead singer for this group was Gregg Rolie who went on to form the original Santana group and sang such hits as Black Magic Woman, Evil Ways. Gregg then started Journey and was in that group for 5 albums and is now touring with Ringo. Shapiro also knew, and jammed with, Jerry Garcia and others from the Bay Area scene. Shapiro then moved to San Francisco to play and record himself and others in his own studio. Beatrecords.com was formed to release Shapiro’s first album Deja Vu and the William Penn and His Pals CD. Along the way Mike met many great artists in San Francisco and created CDs for them. Beatrecords.com is the result of these efforts and the main goal of this label is to provide quality music that has a 60s vibe to it. One of Mike’s greatest talents is being able to recognize talent in other artists. He is the producer, engineer, sideman and more for all beatrecords.com music. Check out our latest new artists, Victoria D’Orazi.