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Deja Vu

by Mike Shapiro

Released 2001
Released 2001
This is a CD full of energetic songs inspired by the sound of the Sixties. Written and played Mike Shapiro of William Penn And His Pals fame who included Gregg Rolie and Mickey Hart ( for a short time ).
Mike Shapiro is one of the top rated guitarists in San Francisco. This is a CD of songs
that he has written that are of the Sixties genre. Mike Shapiro wrote the music
for the cult classic "Swami" when he was lead guitarist of the legendary
William Penn And His Pals from the San Francisco Bay Area in the Sixties.
He has not lost his knack for tasty melodies and memorable lyrics.
Take a listen to a few of these songs and I am sure you will agree that
"this is good stuff". Mike produced Deja Vu at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA using
2 inch analog tape that has that distinctive warm sound of the
Sixties recordings. A lot of this material is auto-biographical such as the lyrics from the
title song Deja Vu:
I was pulling on my socks
When I got the greatest shock
as I looked through the window and out to the wall
I realized I'd seen it all before
Deja Vu, same for me same for you, Deja Vu

After recording this CD Mike has gone on to form and has produced
another Mike Shapiro CD – Laughing and Singing also available on CDBABY. He is
currently working on a new CD and performs in San Francisco regularly.

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