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You Just Can't Keep Me Down

by Alvin Draper

Released 2009
Released 2009
Alvin Draper is one of the finest blues guitarists on the planet with vocals to match
You just can’t keep Alvin Draper down. Even through his recent battle with throat cancer he has never stopped playing his great music. Now Alvin has been awarded
Best Male Blues Vocalist of the year by the West Coast Blues Hall of Fame (2008).
Beatrecords is pleased to present his new CD with what we feel are some of Alvin
Draper’s best performances.
Alvin Draper was born in Lubbock, Texas, but raised in Goree where his grandmother
had a cafe. Local farm workers would come into the cafe on weekends for a good
time and some great music. Lightnin’ Hopkins, Sonny Boy Williams,

Little Walter

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Gate Mouth Brown, and John Lee Hooker were just some of the legendary musicians
who would show up regularly. Alvin’s Father, Richard Draper, was a guitar and voice
teacher to these giants of the blues, and Alvin is directly related to Lightnin’ Hopkins.

Over the years, Alvin Draper has played with Little Willie John, T-Bone Walker, Sam
Cooke, Gate Mouth Brown, and the Chilites, among others. Alvin moved to Palo Alto,
California, in 1968. With a sound reminiscent of B.B. King-Freddie King-Albert King
all rolled together, Blues aficionados can catch him playing on Sundays down at J.J’s
in Milpitas, CA.