Mike Shapiro Music

Call On Me

by Mike Shapiro

Released 2014
Released 2014
Sounds like an old Beatles song that they could have written around the time of I Saw Her Standing There. If you liked that sound you'll love this song.
I was the lead guitarist for William Penn and His Pals and wrote most of their songs including the cult classic "Swami".
I guess I never grew out of that era and have continued to write in that old vein. I love Doo Wop, 50's and 60's rock, blues, Jazz and anything that requires more skill than just having a computer and a music generating program. I usually play all the instruments, except drums, and do all the vocals although I recognize that my voice is not always the best for a given song.
My history includes being friends with Jerry Garcia and Gregg Rolie(Santana/Jouney founder). I never liked the California Jam sound and always preferred the 3-4 minute pop song. I am creative but try to apply music theory principals to my music.
Hope you enjoy "Call On Me"